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UNI-Soft Wire Extra Small

We introduced of the Extra -Small size to the UNI-Soft Wire Black, Neon Olive, Neon Silver and Neon Yellow. This size gauge 36 = 0.006 inch add versatility to create tags and ribs on small flies. Fly tiers now have a choice of eight standard colors (Black, Brown, Copper, Gold, Green, Orange, Red and Royal Blue) and three neon colors (Olive, Silver and Yellow). Other sizes available are small gauge – 33 = 0.008, medium gauge – 30 = 0.01 and large gauge – 27= 0.012 inch. Tiers can also take advantage of our popular combo package of the UNI-Soft Wire composed of 20 spools of the most popular sizes and colors.

Axxel-Mini Flash Tinsel Fuchsia + Iron Gray

New added two new colors :Fuchsia and Iron Gray, to our Axxel-Mini Flash Tinsel. You have now huiteen colors, the Axxel-Mini to create attractive fly’s body, wing and tail: Aqua, Black, Bronze, Claret, Copper, Gold, Multicolor, Mystic Gold, Mystic Red, Olive, Orange, Peacock, Pearl, Rainbow Black, Rainbow Purple, Silver and now Fuchsia and Iron Gray. Tiers can also take advantage of our popular 20-spool Axxel-Mini combo pack.

UNI-Mohair 2X Camel

We added the color Camel to our UNI-Mohair (2-Plies) line . The mohair fibers do not absorb water. It has long fibers and the twenty-nine colors offered make it possible to create the perfect fly's body: Beige, Black, Brown, Camel, Charcoal, Cream, Dark Brown, Dark Olive, Fl. Green, Fl. Orange, Fl. Red, Fuchsia, Golden Brown, Gold, Green Highlander, Gray, Kelly Green, Light Blue, Light Cahill, Light Gray, Maroon, Olive, Orange, Purple, Red, Rusty Brown, Tan, White and Wine. Making realistic dubbed bodies in a single step or combing out a few fibres at the back to simulate a trailing shuck are just two of the many possible uses. In addition to regular single-color packaging, UNI-Mohair (2-Plies) is available in a combo package of 20 spools.

UNI-Yarn Burgundy

We added the color Burgundy to our very popular UNI-Yarn Regular line. This adds to the versatility of the existing lineup: Black, Black/Camel, Burnt Orange, Brown, Bronze, Cream, Gold, Olive Green, Grey, Insect Green, Kelly Green, Khaki, Dark Brown, Dark Grey, Light Yellow, Magenta, Olive, Orange, Purple, Pale Yellow, Red, Salmon, Sand, Sun Yellow, White, and Wine. Tiers now have twenty-sephen colors at their disposal for creating attractive bodies. UNI also offers UNI-Yarn Fluorescent in Chartreuse, Chinese Red, Green Highlander, Light Pink, Orange, and Yellow, a favourite with salmon and steelhead fly tiers. Tiers can also take advantage of our popular 20-spool UNI-Yarn combos.