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UNI-Floss Neon Lemon

UNI-Products has introduce a new line of super-bright fluorescent floss, UNI-Floss Neon. A two-ply, 600 denier trilobal (like Antron) polyester, Neon has radiant sheen. Presently, UNI-Floss Neon is available in nine (9) colours: Hot Green, Chartreuse, Hot Red, Hot Orange,Hot Pink, Light Orange, Chinese Red, Olive Dun (New 2008) and Lemon (New 2012) on spools of 15 and 80 yds. A convenient way to purchase UNI-Floss Neon is in the prepackaged combinations of 9 colours, 20 spools combo. While these are the colours commonly used for tags on salmon and steelhead patterns, the new floss will also add an extra zip to any floss-bodied pattern. Can be mix with your dubbing to add some colors into it.

UNI-Thread 3/0 Olive Dun

New for 2012, the UNI-Thread 3/0 Olive Dun will be useful to fly tyer who regularly ties on hooks larger than size #12. Available in 50 and 100 yds Waxed and Unwaxed. Fly tyers have now the choice between 19 colors of UNI-Thread 3/0 .

UNI-Soft Wire Black

For those who swear by wire underbodies or direct-dubbing on wire, UNI has introduce Soft-Wire. While it does not have the strength of our superior quality UNI-French wire, it wraps more easily. This non-tarnishing wire is available in seven regulars colors on spool of seven grams and three neons colors on spool of six grams of material regardless of wire size (Small Medium and Large).

UNI-Stretch 30 yds Red

Tired of having strands of floss separate and slide down the hook bend? An exclusive offering of UNI-Products, UNI-Stretch, will solve your problems. This stretch nylon material is easy to wrap, stays in place, and makes excellent underbodies as well. The White takes coloured markers very well so you can customize your patterns. The 30-yard spools come in 24 colours and the 20-spool combination package (combo) solves all those difficult colour choices. Colours available are: Black, Brown, Chartreuse, Chinese Red, Fuchsia, Green, Hot-Pink, Light Grey, Olive, Orange, White, Yellow, Green Highlander, Camel, Wine, Aqua Blue, Soft Pink, Light Olive, Pumpkin Orange, Purple, Bright Yellow, Beige, Shrimp Pink and new for 2012 Red.

UNI-Mylar Hol. Orange

The new color—Holographic Orange is available in three widths: #10 (1/16"), #12 (3/64"), and #14 (1/32"). These exciting new shades add to the versatility of the existing lineup: Tiers now have a dozen colors at their disposal for creating attractive bodies and ribs, adding flash to wings and tails, producing tough and attractive wingcases, or serving as a base for spun bodies, to name just a few uses.

Micro-Tinsel New 2011

The colors Black and Brown in size 6/0 and Bronze in size 3/0 was added. You have now a choice of 16 colors in size 6/0 and 4 colors in size 3/0. A Combo Pack (20 Spools) of all colors and size is available.

AXXEL 8 New 2011

UNI add five new colors to the AXXEL 8 ty-rap: Brown, Light Blue, Pink, Rainbow/Black and Yellow. Put some flashy strand of Axxel to your flies.

UNI-Mylar Holographic Orange 3 sizes

Tinsel users will appreciate the choices available in UNI-Mylar. Comes in 4 popular sizes, #10=1/16", #12=3/64", #14=1/32" and #16=1/69", in Pearl, Gold & Silver. Copper & Blue, Red & Green, Peacock & Orange. The Holographic Silver, Red, Black, Orange, Light Blue, Chartreuse and Rainbow are available in 3 sizes(10,12,14). In 2015 a UNI-Mylar #14 Clear, a twenty (20) spool combination of plan color and an other of holographic color were introduced to fill all mylar tinsel needs.