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UNI-Mylar 2 tones reversible

Tinsel users will appreciate the choices available in UNI-Mylar. Comes in 4 popular sizes, #10=1/16", #12=3/64", #14=1/32" and #16=1/69", in Pearl, Gold & Silver. Copper & Blue, Red & Green, Peacock & Orange. The Holographic Silver, Red, Black, Orange, Light Blue, Chartreuse, Rainbow and Gold are available in 3 sizes(10,12,14). In 2015 a UNI-Mylar #14 Clear, and in 2022 a UNI-Mylar White and UNI-Mylar Black available in 3 sizes were introduced. A twenty (20) spool combination of plain color and an other of holographic color will fill all mylar tinsel needs.

UNI-Mylar Holographic Tinsel

Since 2007 we introduced many holographic colors.(Holographic Silver, Gold, Red, Black, Orange, Light Blue, Chartreuse and Rainbow) They are available in 3 sizes(10,12,14). They are UNI Products exclusive. In 2015 a UNI-Mylar #14 Clear, a twenty (20) spool combination of plain colors and an other of holographic colors were introduced to fill all mylar tinsel needs.

Axxel-Mini Flash Tinsel

Axxel-Mini is a narrow strand of sparkling material, available on 17 yards spools. With sixteen colors, the Axxel-Mini adds versatility to create attractives fly's body, wing and tail: Aqua, Black, Bronze, Claret, Copper, Gold, Multicolor, Mystic Gold, Mystic Red, Olive, Peacock, Pearl, Rainbow Black, Rainbow Purple and Silver. It is also available in 20 spools combo pack.

AXXEL Flash 6 strands, 22 colors.

AXXEL Flash is a flash material on a spool. It consists of six narrow strands of flash material interlaced with nylon micro-filaments for strenght. Fly-Tiers are still finding new uses for this UNI-Products material. For example, AXXEL Flash can be wound with other body material to add sparkle, separated into individual strands for the addition of just a touch of flash, or added to a standard wing. A combination package is available containing one spool of each colour. Available colours are: Black, Copper, Fuschia, Gold, Green, Pearl, Purple, Rainbow White, Rainbow Black, Royal Blue, Red, Silver Black, Silver. NEW for 2005: Brown, Lt.Blue, Fuschia+Blue, Holographic Gold, New for 2006: Peacock, New for 2007 : Pink New for 2016 : Holographic Silver New for 2018 : Orange and Salmon

AXXEL Flash, 8'' Ty-rap 17 colors

The AXXEL Flash is also available as 8-inch bundled strands one ply known as AXXEL 8. We add five new colors: Brown, Light Blue, Pink, Rainbow/Black and Yellow for 2011. A combination package is available containing one hank of each colour.

UNI Flat Braid 8 plies 11 colors

The Flat Braid is made of 8 braided plies of UNI-Mylar. That makes outstanding butts, bodies and ribs for large flies. You can also fray this material for tailing. Available on spools of 7 yds in 11 colours: Pearl, Gold, Silver, Holographic Silver, Red, Pearl/Red and new for 2009 Green, Holographic Fuchsia, Holographic Purple and Pearl/Green. New for 2022 the Holographic Gold. Also available in combo pack. It is a very "bright" material.

UNI-French Oval Tinsels

UNI-French is a very high quality metallic tinsel exclusive to UNI-Products. This tinsel is varnished so it will not tarnish. The gold and silver oval tinsel, which has an extra strong core, is available in large, medium, small, and extra-small. The most popular UNI-French Oval colors, silver and gold, are available in four sizes: large, medium, small, and extra small. Copper is available in three sizes, pewter in large only, and now red in medium. A Combo Pack of 20 spools offers tiers a mix of oval, embossed, and wire.

Photo UNI-French Oval

Picture of how the UNI-French Oval and the Micro Tinsel are made