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UNI-Floss Rayon 600 denier 30 couleurs

UNI-Floss is an all purpose body floss manufactured of 100% rayon. UNI-Floss is a single strand floss, 600 denier, strong and shiny. Salmon fly dressers (as well as other fly-tiers) will appreciate the wide range of 30 pattern matching colours : Beige, Black, Burnt Orange, Brown, Bright Yellow, Charcoal, Cream, Doctor Blue, Emerald Green, Golden Brown, Green Highlander, Gray, Dark Blue, Dark Brown, Dark Green, Dark Rust, Light Blue, Light Green, Olive, Orange, Pink, Pumpkin Orange (the Grey Ghost body), Purple, Royal Blue, Red, Rusty Orange, Rust, Tan, White and Wine. A convenient way to purchase UNI-Floss is in the prepackaged combinations of 20 colours. Available in spool of 15 yds and 80 yds.

UNI-Floss Neon

UNI-Products has introduce a new line of super-bright fluorescent floss, UNI-Floss Neon. A two-ply, 600 denier trilobal (like Antron) polyester, Neon has radiant sheen. Presently, UNI-Floss Neon is available in nine (9) colours: Hot Green, Chartreuse, Hot Red, Hot Orange,Hot Pink, Light Orange, Chinese Red, Olive Dun (New 2008) and Lemon (New 2012) on spools of 15 and 80 yds. A convenient way to purchase UNI-Floss Neon is in the prepackaged combinations of 9 colours, 20 spools combo. While these are the colours commonly used for tags on salmon and steelhead patterns, the new floss will also add an extra zip to any floss-bodied pattern. Can be mix with your dobbin to add some colors into it.

UNI-Stretch 30 yds. 270 denier 25 colors

Tired of having strands of floss separate and slide down the hook bend? An exclusive offering of UNI-Products, UNI-Stretch, will solve your problems. This stretch nylon material is easy to wrap, stays in place, and makes excellent underbodies as well. The White takes coloured markers very well so you can customize your patterns. The 30-yard spools come in 25 colors and the 20-spool combination package (combo) solves all those difficult colour choices. Colours available are: Black, Brown, Chartreuse, Chinese Red, Fuchsia, Green, Hot-Pink, Light Gray, Olive, Orange, White, Yellow, Green Highlander, Camel, Wine, Aqua Blue, Soft Pink, Light Olive, Pumpkin Orange, Purple, Red, Bright Yellow, Beige, Shrimp Pink and Rusty Orange (new 2016).


Stretch nylon, excellent for underbodies or as a floss replacement . Very good on salmon tag. An exclusive UNI Products. White takes colored markers well. So easy to wrap. 630 deniers

UNI-Flexx 1680 denier 15 colors

UNI-Flexx is a fine elastic strand and comes in fifteen colors: Chartreuse, Yellow, White, Green Highlander, Royal Blue, Camel, Purple, Fuchsia, Orange, Red, Dark Brown, Black, Grey, Olive Dun and Gold (new 2013). A 20 spool combo of mixed colors is also available. The strand may be divided into even smaller strands if desired. UNI-Flexx can be used for: "rubber" legs and skirts; some like it as a floss replacement because it is much easier to handle; bodies of small nymphs, larva, and pupa. The stretch permits the material to be laid on the hook with a variety of tensions, thus reducing or avoiding slippage. In many cases it is not the stretch which is most important, rather the texture and stiffness and availability in a variety of vibrant colours. Moreover, the material retains the original colour when wet, unlike many others. As usual, uses are only limited by the tier's imagination.

UNI-Floss Rayon and UNI-Floss Neon 80 yds. -----Snap Spool

Same as the UNI-Floss 15 yards, but spooled on a snap spool 80 yards. Same colors available but no combos.