Wet Fly

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Purple Spey Variant

Recipe French only Hameçon: Daichi 2051 #5 Fils: UNI-Thread 8/0 Black Ferret: UNI-French Twist Medium Gold Côtes: UNI-Floss Pink et UNI-French Twist Medium Gold Corps: UNI-Floss Purple Palmure: Plume de marabout purple Ailes : Une plume de canard mallard bronze Collerette: Une plume de sarcelle Tête: UNI-Thread 8/0 Black Tied by Michel Marchand

Sedge Pupa

Recipe: Hook: Size 8 curved nymph like the Tiemco 200R or similar Thread: UNI-Thread 6/0 chartreuse or colour to suit. Body, lead wire, coarse dubbing olive or choice, ribbed with gold oval Wing buds: duck flank, natural or colour of choice Thorax: Peacock herl Hackle for legs: pheasant rump Tied by Wally Nowak

Silver Rat

Recipe Hook: Size 4-12 Salmon hook Tail: Golden pheasant crest Tag: UNI-French Oval Small Gold Body: UNI-Mylar 10 Gold Silver (silver side) or UNI-Mylar 10 Holographic Silver Rib: UNI-French Oval Small Gold Wing: Gray Squirrel tail Hackle: Grizzle cock hackle (Optional) cheeks: Jungle cock Thread: UNI-Thread 6/0 Red Tied by Spencer Brown

Soft Hackle Orange

Recipe French Only Hameçon: Mustad 9672 #12 Fils: UNI-Thread 6/0 Black Abdomen: UNI-Thread 3/0 Light Orange Thorax: Herl de paon Côtes: UNI-French Oval Medium Gold Collerette: Plume de perdrix Tête: UNI-Thread 6/0 Black Tied by Jacques Demers

Spey Jock Scott

Recipe Hook: Partridge CS10/1, Bartleet bend, 3/0 Thread:6/0 UNI white until you tie in the veiling toucan then switch to 6/0 UNI black to complete the rest of the fly. I use unwaxed thread only. Tip/tag : UNI-French Oval fine silver tinsel then yellow silk floss. Tail : golden pheasant crest with an imitation Indian crow feather as a veiling over top. Then a black ostrich herl butt. Body: rear half of golden yellow silk floss with a medium silver oval tinsel rib. This is veiled over and under with toucan substitute. ( you can use the small feathers from the Golden pheasant crest). Front half, switch to black thread then wrap a black dubbed seal’s fur with medium oval tinsel rib to the throat, and then palmer a black Heron substitute feather behind the tinsel wraps to the throat area. The Heron hackle should extend about to the tip of the tail. Pluck out any fibres of the hackle above the hook shang that will get in the way of the wing. Built Wing : Start with segments of white tipped turkey tied in a slight Vee style as in Dee wings. Over this a married wing segment of yellow, red and blue goose, and speckled Bustard is tied in. I have also added strands of Peacock herl in the mix. Throat : a guinea fowl hackle is now tied in as a throat. Over Wing : Strips of Bronze Mallard are tied in over the wing. Cheeks : Segments of barred Wood Duck are tied in and veiled over with Blue Chatterer. Jungle Cocks eyes are tied in sloping down and long. Horns : of blue and green Macaw are added to the top sides of the wing. Topping : of golden Pheasant to tip match the tail. Then wrap a neat head and coat with a clear bubble of laquer. Tied by Wally Nowak

The 29

Recipe: (French only) Fil : Uni brun foncé 8/0 Queue : poils raide de rat muské Corps : Uni-Flexx noir 1680 den Cerques : Uni-Flexx Brun foncé et Uni UnderBody Blanc 6X Collerette : plume de dos perdrix brune Tied by Frank Guimond


Recipe: French only Fil: UNI-Thread 8/0 noir Hameçon: Mustad 9671 grosseur 8 Queue: Fibres de plume de marabou brun Corps: UNI-Yarn 2X Black/Camel Collerette: Plume de dos de perdrix brune pour les deux mouches du haut et Plume de flanc de canard huppé ''branchu'' pour la mouche du bas. Tied by Frank Guimond

The Gulline Series

Recipe: (French Only) Fil : Fil-UNI noir (UNI-Thread Black) Queue : Poils noir de queue d’écureuil Côtes : Lamé argent plat (UNI-Mylar Gold & Silver) Corps : Fourrure rouge vin ou vert forêt de phoque Aile : Poils de queue d’écureuil gris sous section de plume de queue de faisan doré Coiffe : Très courte de fibres de queue de paon Épaules : Fibres de queue de faisan à collier, une épaule longue, tout le long du corps Collerette : Plume longue de hackle de selle de poule Tête : Fourrure de phoque rouge vin et fil-UNI noir (UNI-Thread Black) Tied by Jean Guy Côté