Dry Fly

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Axxel Bivisible

Recipe french only Hameçon: TMC 102Y No 9 Fils: UNI-Thread 8/0 Camel Queue: Deux pointes de hackle Côtes: Hackle de selle super saddle grade 3 Corps: AXXEL 6 Orange Collerette: Hackle de selle super saddle grade 3 Tête: UNI-Thread 8/0 Black laqué Tied by Richard Romanelli

Bill's Fly

Recipe: Hook : Daichi 2055 #3 Tag : UNI-Mylar Hol. Silver, UNI Floss Pumpkin Orange Body : UNI-Mylar Hol. Silver Underwing : 4 Strands Krystal Flash Green Wing : White calf tail Hackle : Silver Doctor Blue Hens addle hackle Head : UNI-Thread 8/0 Red Tied by Bill Carpan

Black Pennell

Recipe Hook : Mustad size 8 Streamer Thread : UNI-Thread 8/0 Black Tag : UNI-Mylar # 14 Gold/Silver : Silver side Tail : Golden Pheasant Tippet Body : UNI-Floss Black Rib : UNI-Mylar #14 Gold/Silver :Silver side Collar : Black Hackle Tied by Spencer Brown


Recipe: HOOK: TMC 100 or Mustad 94840 size #14-22 THREAD: Your choice UNI-Thread 6/0 or 8/0 color of the body TAIL: Optional. If I use a tail, I use grizzly, brown or dun hackles fibers ABDOMEN: color you wish. I use a mixture of olive, brown, and gray dubbing WING: CDC natural dun, dark gray or olive THORAX: Same as the abdomen Tied by Richard Zeh

Deer Hair Dun

Recipe: Hook:Partridge, 15BNX, Kinkhammer extreme size 20 Thread: UNI-Thread 6/0 Olive or Camel Tail, abdomen: Duck flank, dyed olive, or natural Wing: deer hair Hackle: dun, tan or grizzly Head: brown fine dubbing Tied by Wally Nowak


Recipe French Only Hameçon: Fils: UNI-Thread 8/0 Black Queue : Duvet de plume de dindon Corps: AXXEL 6 Rainbow Black Sous-ailes: Plume de dindon sauvage cuivre Ailes: AXXEL 6 Rainbow Black Gorge : Plume de dindon sauvage cuivre Tête: UNI-Thread 8/0 Black Tied by Daniel Boisvert


Recipe: (French only) Catégorie : Emergeante de premier cycle Hameçon: #12 ou 14 ou 16 tiemco 100 (sèche) ou #12 ou 14 ou 16 mustad 9671 (noyée). Fil: UNI-Thread 8/0 Black. Queue: Fibres de cou de coq dun ou blue dun. Corps: AXXEL 6 Black Enroulage( ribbing): UNI French Oval Small Gold. Aile: Fibres de cou de coq dun ou blue dun. Pattes: Fibres de coq dun ou blue dun. Tied by Michel Parent

Foam Bug

Recipe: Type: Dry Fly Hook: Mustad #9671 #6 or #8 Thread: 6/0 UNI-Thread red Body: Foam Yellow Hackle: Cree Head ciment: Clear UNI-Lak Tied by Jean Guy Côté